Trivia / Rachel Getting Married

  • Actor Allusion: Near the end, as Kym is watching her mother leave the wedding early, she is interrupted when her father comes up to her with one of the wedding guests. He tells his daughter that the woman "just lost an office assistant" and she'd be perfect for the job.
  • Playing Against Type: Who'd have thought that the girl from The Devil Wears Prada could pull off such a raw emotional performance?
  • Reality Subtext: The dishwasher scene is based on a real event that occurred at screenwriter Jenny Lumet's house involving her father, the veteran director Sidney Lumet, and Bob Fosse.
  • Throw It In!: Between takes, Anne Hathaway asked the director Johnathan Demme if the wedding band was going to be playing throughout the scene. He told her if she didn't like it, she should "do something about it." So she did.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Paul Thomas Anderson of all people was offered the role of Sidney.