Trivia / Public Enemies

  • The Danza: Probably the only occasion in recent history where this happened with an actor playing someone who really existed: Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. And the real Dillinger often was called "Johnnie". They coincidentally share initials.
  • Font Anachronism: As John Dillinger and his associates leave the red train car, the car number seen on the outside of the car is in the Helvetica font, which was not created until 1957. The film takes place in 1933, a couple decades too early for Helvetica.
  • Technology Marches On: Watch this film, then try to imagine how things would turn out if the police had radios, cell phones, radar, helicopters, K9 dogs, etc.
    • For the time period of the film, this was also present. Bank robbers were able to gain access to submachine guns and cars with reliable V8 engines more easily than any police department, so you could easily drive away while the sheriff was still crank-starting his old vehicle. Essentially, if a robber got away without being shot, there was little chance he would be caught.
  • What Could Have Been: Bryan Burrough originally started writing Public Enemies as a script for a TV miniseries, but didn't feel comfortable writing fiction and retooled it into a nonfiction book. Making it, almost, a Recursive Adaptation when adapted to film.