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Trivia: Porky Pig
  • Directors:
    • Art Davis: Directed six Porkys in his tenure.
    • Ben Hardaway: Directed two Porkys on his own, and co-directed two of them with Cal Dalton.
    • Bob Clampett: Directed the bulk of Porky's shorts, with him directing 52 of the shorts Porky appears in, two of he co-directed with Norm Mccabe.
    • Cal Dalton: Directed two Porkys, one of which he co-directed with Cal Howard, the other he co-directed with Ben Hardaway.
    • Cal Howard: Sole Porky was his co-directing effort with Dalton.
    • Chuck Jones: Directed 23 Porky appearances.
    • Frank Tashlin: Directed 16 Porky shorts, but only sporadically due to his open hatred of the character.
    • Friz Freleng: Directed 16 of Porky's appearances.
    • Gerry Chiniquy: Sole Porky was "Dumb Patrol".
    • Irv Spector: Sole Porky was "Corn on the Cop".
    • Jack King: Seven of his appearances were directed by him, including Porky's cameo in "Alpine Antics".
    • Norm Mccabe: Directed 3 Porkys on his own, and co-directed two of them with Clampett.
    • Robert McKimson: Directed 15 Porky appearances.
    • Tex Avery: Directed 11 of Porky's shorts.
    • Ub Iwerks: Alledgedly directed "Porky & Gabby" and "Porky's Super Service", although they may have been co-directed by Clampett and Jones instead.
  • Creator Backlash: Allegedly, Porky became an unpopular choice for some Warner staff, due to being less flexible and colorful than newer more abrasive stars like Bugs and Daffy. Director Frank Tashlin in particular noted his dislike for Porky and resented having to make endless shorts around him.
  • The Other Darrin: While all the cast went through this trope following Blanc's death, Porky is one of a small number of characters for whom Blanc was The Other Darrin. Joe Dougherty initially played Porky, but was ultimately replaced by Blanc after Dougherty couldn't control his real life stutter during recording sessions, and then by Bob Bergen, who has played him in almost all official projects since then. It seems he's the only Looney Tunes character who's voice was replaced depending on who could do the best stutter.
    • Bergen was very briefly replaced by Billy West for the short "My Generation G-g-gap!" due to a dispute with producer Larry Doyle (West also provides his "T, t, that's All Folks!!!" at the end of all of Doyle's finished shorts). This change was planned to be permanent throughout all of Doyle's shorts though the series was quickly put to a halt, with Bergen taking over the role again in all later projects.
  • Throw It In: Porky's original voice actor was given the boot because his inability to control his very-real stutter made recording sessions last for hours. When Mel Blanc took over, he kept the stutter in and played it for comedy.
  • What Could Have Been: In the early 1940s, Bob Clampett wanted to ditch the slimmer, redesigned Porky in order to go back to the original Fat Porky design, but Leon Schlesinger wouldn't let him, so he just did that to Elmer Fudd instead.

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