Trivia / Pokémon X

  • Name's the Same/Similarly Named Works: This is the first of three titles named Pokemon X: the second is a collection of English songs from the anime used to commemorate the series' 10th anniversary and the third and perhaps most well-known of the three is the former of two 3DS adventures set in the Kalos region.
  • Schedule Slip: The comic's current situation. Recon updates them periodically, though he keeps the same date as when they should have been posted.
    • On August 2, 2011, the most recent comic was dated February 19, 2010. By July 2, 2015, the most recent comic was dated May 31, 2010.
    • He even makes a point of catching up on holiday special comics — so we had an April Fool's strip in August, for instance, as well as a Valentine's Day strip in June.
    • Though to his credit, he faithfully keeps the schedule slip from affecting the content of said strips. For example, the Valentine's Day 2010 comic is very bitter, reflecting his feelings as of February 2010, even though as he explained in the author's notes, he found a decent girl within a month of then (which would be more than a year before the comic was actually posted).
    • Updated Every: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!
  • You Look Familiar: Recon makes numerous appearances as minor characters. Brendan is the only one who seems to notice.