YMMV / Pokémon X

If you were looking for the 2013 video games, see Pokémon X and Y.

  • Arc Fatigue: Due to how the battles can take weeks and the comic updates three days a week (Now at random), by the time a battle's finally done, you just want the story arc to be finished already.
  • Ass Pull: Rocky's "Random Attack". The author has been better about that, either ignoring it completely or simply having it activate as a useless move. With a bonus of adding variety instead of just abusing one strategy over and over again on Rocky when it's not an over-powered move, but not useless either.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The name, considering Pokémon X and Y. Recon Dye is aware of this.
  • Seasonal Rot: It's not a huge amount, but the quality of the writing has suffered in later arcs.
  • The Scrappy: All three protagonists have major Scrappy points.
    • Brendan is a sexist and selfish asshole who is incredibly stupid and treats his friends besides Rocky like shit.
    • May is a bit of a bitch and set it up so that any money the guys make from trainer battles goes to her and she does nothing but act like a generic Tsundere to Brendan.
    • Wally is the quirky Jerkass who outside of that and being obsessed with the color green, is a very bland and boring character.
    • Rocky has some shades of this due to the author's tendencies to make him an Invincible Hero in the earlier story arcs. Nowadays, not so much.
    • Monty Zuma, but this seems to have been intentional since he's an annoying brat who was dumped years ago by May and still acts like they're a couple and used to harass Professor Birch endlessly. It turns out that he was a cruel bastard who tortured Pokemon.