Trivia / Phantasmagoria

  • Actor-Inspired Element: Adrienne's jeans were not originally part of her costume. The actress wore them in on the first day of filming and the producer decided they were perfect. The actress states that, being already somewhat worn, they were held together by duct tape by the end of shooting.
  • Banned In Australia: Regina's death made so, although the rape scene, the other deaths and the violence more than likely had a hand in it.
  • Developer's Favorite Game: Roberta Williams's own favorite of her games.
  • Development Hell: Roberta supposedly had the idea for a live-action horror-mystery game in her mind since the late 80's, but the state of technology back then couldn't support such a concept for another 4-5 years.
  • What Could Have Been: Poking around in the game's audio files reveals hints from the Hintkeeper (the skull in the HUD) during the final chase scene were recorded, but ultimately went unused due to the frantic nature of the scene.