Trivia / Nephilim

  • No Export for You: The 2nd and 3rd editions of the game were never translated to English. In fact, very little of the 1st edition was translated into English. All of the English books except for the core rulebook were written wholesale by Chaosium, making major changes to the background and ultimately intending to replace the magic systems had the brand been continued.
  • What Could Have Been: Chaosium was working to produce sourcebooks that included Selenim (detailing the Unnamed Arcanum, the Cult of Lilith, the Xibalbans, the Yama Kings, and Black Magic), Slaying the Dragon (detailing extensively revised Alchemy rules), Immortal Asia (detailing the Xian-ren, Wu Xing, Martial Arts, Taoist Alchemy, and Feng Shui), expanded rules for summoning (detailing warding circles, magical names, and bargaining, plus a gazetteer of the Worlds of Kabbalah), and The Jason Factor (a globetrotting, time-spanning campaign set in two millennia and five continents), but the line was canceled before they could be released. However, the two surviving chapters of Slaying the Dragon (the history of alchemy and the revised rules, respectively) have been made available on a certain Yahoo! group. The other two chapters of Slaying the Dragon, and the majority of the revised and expanded Selenim draft (save for a backstory overview, a FAQ, and character creation rules), have been lost forever; Immortal Asia and the summoning expansion never went beyond the conceptual stage.