Trivia / My Cousin Vinny

  • Dawson Casting: Joe Pesci was 49 years old, playing a guy who just recently finished law school and has a 22-year-old cousin. Marisa Tomei is 21 years younger than him.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Throw It In:
    • The director, an Englishman, was casually chatting with Joe Pesci and got confused by his Brooklyn-accented pronunciation of "youth". After Pesci explained it, they both realized they were having a conversation that should be in the film. The famous "two yoots" conversation between Vinny and Judge Haller that resulted is practically verbatim what Pesci and the director said to each other.
    • According to the director's commentary, the screech owl that woke Vinny just happened to come across the film crew one night. It stayed because they fed it some meat.
  • Some law schools actually use this movie when teaching courtroom procedures.
  • What Could Have Been: Samuel L. Jackson auditioned for the role of the man who tells Vinny, "You've got mud in your tires."