Trivia / Mr. Driller

  • Bad Export for You: The American version of Drill Spirits, which drops Rabbit/Usagi as a playable character, removes two stages (South Polenote , and The Moonnote ), and cuts the Dristone Driller mode (based on the gameplay of Mr. Driller A's story mode and The Hole of Druaga in Drill Land). It also disabled single Game Card Driller Race, requiring all players to own a copy of Drill Spirits to race each other in the US version.
  • Talking to Himself: Mitsuko Horie voices Susumu Hori, Anna Hottenmeyer, and Puchi.
  • No Export for You: Most of the best Mr. Driller gamesnote  never saw light outside of Japan, its 99% guaranteed that no one knew that Susumu had a brother, or that his dad was actually Dig Dug until the release of Drill Spirits.