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Trivia: Misfits
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Nathan's mother is Lady Stark, and his father is Dexter Fletcher from Press Gang, Bugsy Malone, etc.
    • Kelly (Lauren Socha) was in a well-known Arctic Monkeys music video
    • Simon (Iwan Rheon) played Moritz in the UK version of the Broadway musical Spring Awakening
    • Nathan (Robert Sheehan) was in Cherrybomb with Rupert Grint
      • Robert Sheehan was also in Young Blades, a short So Bad, It's Good series where he plays an unbelievably Camp Louis XIV.
      • He was also in the Irish-Australian series Foreign Exchange, which most Irish people of a certain age will remember. He played the main character's nerdy best friend Cormac.
    • Sally, Tony and Psychotic!Tony were all in Ultimate Force
    • Sally is played by Alex Reid, who portrayed Beth in The Descent.
    • The cop who busted Curtis for drugs (Michael Obiora) was in the Doctor Who episode "Blink", also playing a cop.
    • Perry Benson (who played Bev) was Meggy in This Is England.
    • Josef Atlin, who played Gary, may be recognised by fans of Peep Show for playing the kid who mugged Mark Corrigan in series 3.
      • He's also Pyp.
    • Brian played the medium in Series 3 Episode 8.
    • Lola is Kathy Nightingale from Doctor Who classic "Blink".
    • Blinky Ben is one of Finn's potential dads.
    • His actual dad is The Orgazoid. or Yoren.
    • Simon loses his virginity to Vod.
  • Life Imitates Art: When they joked on Mock the Week that everything the channel four writers were coming up with ended with "crossed with Skins" it looks like they may have been right... Heroes crossed with Skins anyone?
    • Actually before the show aired the E4 voiceovers would promote it during the end of every Skins type show and superpower movie by mentioning how it is an X Meets Y of the just shown show/movie.
  • What Could Have Been: Simon was supposed to go evil in series one episode five, betraying the gang and forcing them to kill him at the end of the series, but the actor was so likable that it was rewritten.
    • Ironic considering his role in Game of Thrones
    • Superhoodie was never intended to be Future!Simon at all. There used to be a video on E4's website of Simon filming a video and being confronted by Superhoodie during it. Superhoodie spoke in a different voice/accent to Simon and gives a cryptic warning about watching the gang before running off. Presumably the writers thought of the Future!Simon idea while writing Series 2 and just ran with it.

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