Trivia: Mark Does Stuff

  • Demand Overload: When Mark started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on his Mark Watches site, the onslaught of Buffy fans broke the server multiple times before Mark had to get a new one to accommodate for them.
    • His video order site was crashed by an understandable onslaught of orders for the Supernatural episode "Fan Fiction" the second it appeared. This also had the misfortune of being a time when he was stuck without Internet for 24 hours, meaning he took a while to even become aware of the problem.
  • Fan Nickname: Commenters use rot13 to discuss spoilers. Sometimes, a character's name in rot13 will be amusing enough to become one of these. For instance: Wbanguna for Jonathan, Ybear for Lorne and Furybo for Shelob.
    • And while he stopped doing Mark Plays before it got to be used, many were anticipating the fun of calling Wrex "Jerk."
    • "Byvivre" for Olivier in Fullmetal Alchemist. Given the character's badass nature, this led to "By Vivre!" taking on the meaning "that's awesome!"
    • Discworld fans were rather pleased to discover that 'Nanny Ogg' in rot13 becomes "Anaal Btt". The Heh Heh, You Said X is made all the sweeter by the knowledge that Nanny would have the exact same reaction.
      • Plus, Greebo is "Terrob." It's noted that it's a shame he wasn't named Greebe just to make it perfect.
    • Before he read them, he could never quite remember the name of Provost's Dog, so he started calling them the 'Doggy Books'- especially funny considering the series' darker tone. The name is now used throughout the Tamora Pierce fandom.
      • Ditto calling the four protagonists of Circle of Magic "the goats."
    • Benny from Supernatural, who happens to be half of a popular Ho Yay couple, translates to "Oraal."
  • Old Shame: Going into Harry Potter, he expected a disposable series of books, and was basically pretty condescending of the series. In his re-read review of the first chapter he said:
    "Did most of you think that I was going to tear this series apart back then? Because I can sort of see why I thought what I did at the time, but now I want to vehemently defend this. YOU DONíT GET IT, JUST WAIT SHIT WILL GET REAL. Iíve become all of you. And it is wonderful."
  • One of Us: He has linked to TV Tropes on at least one occasion. He also mentions us quite a bit.
    • He apparently is quite fond of this site — which makes very little sense.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Kind of. He's a big fan of Tamora Pierce's work, and he got to write the foreword to The Queen's Readers, a collection of essays written by fans on her work.
  • Schedule Slip: Starting in 2015, he's taken on such a demanding touring schedule that the Double Feature reviews have to be put on hold several times (though he makes sure to never have this issue on the main books and shows, no matter how much he has to cram into reading/watching before going on trips).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • He's said that he wishes he'd done the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the site, since he has a ton of thoughts about it (mostly good ones). He had to settle for doing liveblogs on Twitter.
    • You have to sigh at some particularly twisty and shocking shows that we won't get to see him do because he's already seen all or part of them. This includes The X-Files, Twin Peaks, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Lost, and Gravity Falls.