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Trivia: Mark Does Stuff
  • Fan Nickname: Commenters use rot13 to discuss spoilers. Sometimes, a character's name in rot13 will be amusing enough to become one of these. For instance: Wbanguna for Jonathan, Ybear for Lorne and Furybo for Shelob.
    • And while he stopped doing Mark Plays before it got to be used, many were anticipating the fun of calling Wrex "Jerk."
    • "Byvivre" for Olivier in Fullmetal Alchemist. Given the character's badass nature, this led to "By Vivre!" taking on the meaning "that's awesome!"
    • Discworld fans were rather pleased to discover that 'Nanny Ogg' in rot13 becomes "Anaal Btt". The He He You Said X is made all the sweeter by the knowledge that Nanny would have the exact same reaction.
    • Before he read them, he could never quite remember the name of Provost's Dog, so he started calling them the 'Doggy Books'- especially funny considering the series' darker tone. The name is now used throughout the Tamora Pierce fandom.
  • One of Us: He has linked to TV Tropes on at least one occasion. He also mentions us quite a bit.
    • He apparently is quite fond of this site — which makes very little sense.
  • Old Shame: Going into Harry Potter, he expected a disposable series of books, and was basically pretty condescending of the series. In his re-read review of the first chapter he said:
    "Did most of you think that I was going to tear this series apart back then? Because I can sort of see why I thought what I did at the time, but now I want to vehemently defend this. YOU DONíT GET IT, JUST WAIT SHIT WILL GET REAL. Iíve become all of you. And it is wonderful."

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