Trivia / Knights' Kingdom

  • Fan Nickname: This line is often referred to as Knights' Kingdom 2 by LEGO fans in order to differentiate it with an earlier and unrelated LEGO Castle line.
  • Name's the Same: Aside from the fact that the Evil Knight was once employed by each line's respective Big Bad, Cedric the Bull and Lord Vladek, there is no connection between this Knights' Kingdom line and the Knights' Kingdom line released in 2000. This was most likely just LEGO choosing to recycle titles rather than create new ones.
  • Recycled Script: The original character concept for the Shadow Knight (see What Could Have Been below) was eventually reworked into the rogue knight Karzon.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Shadow Knight was originally developed by Mike Rayhawk as a single character who would act as Vladek's Dragon. In the final story, the Shadow Knight was demoted from a single Dragon to an army of Brainwashed and Crazy Faceless Mooks.
    • As shown here, Mike Rayhawk's original concept for the Castle of Morcia would have had more than just blue and red transformation to show whether King Mathias or Lord Vladek was ruling Morcia. Under Mathias's rule, it would have had a lion-shaped gate, and under Vladek's rule, the entire castle would have had a a scorpion-like appearance. When LEGO expressed doubt that such a castle transformation could work without taking it apart and rebuilding it, Mike Rayhawk proved them wrong with an animation mock-up in Maya, showing the lion castle transforming into the scorpion castle without need of disassembly! In the end, though, the final product was simplified so the transformation of the castle was limited only to changing the colors, not the appearance, of the castle.
  • Word of God:
    • Daniel Lipkowitz, the writer of the Knights' Kingdom storyline, goes by the username of Swiftone on BZPower and answered a lot of fan questions back in the day. One of the more amusing trivial tidbits he revealed was the names of King Mathias and Lord Vladek's horses: Leo and Pinchy, respectively.
    • Mike Rayhawk, who did a lot of artwork and concept sketches for Knights' Kingdom, also provides a ton of Word of God information and insight on his website.