Trivia: Kiddy GiRL-AND

  • Anime First: There is a manga, Kiddy Gi RL-AND Pure, which was released simultaneously (it actually started serialization in Comp Ace before the anime started) but the story differed wildly. A novel adaptation was released later.
  • Bad Export for You: It is a HD show, but despite there being no sign of a western DVD release, let along Blu-ray, the Crunchyroll streams are limited to 480P.
  • The Danza: Shiraishi, voiced by Minoru Shiraishi. Hell, he even gets to say his famous Wasuremono line up to how he says it.
  • Development Hell: From announcement to release took three years, including two years of complete silence and an unexplained change of animation studio:
    • The "K-G.2" project was announced in October 2006.
    • In January 2007 the studio (asread) and basic details were announced.
    • A Pilot DVD was released in May 2007.
    • ???
    • In February 2009 the official title was finally announced along with news that it was now being animated by Satelight. Clearly there was also more than a little tweaking done to the basic story as well since it bore little resemblance to the Pilot and one of the main characters had a fairly radical redesign, both in appearance and personality.
    • The first episode airs in October 2009.
  • Hey, It's That Voice! / Names to Know in Anime
    • Akira Ishida — Un-ou
    • Aya Hirano — Lumière
    • Jun Fukuyama — Tweedledee
    • Kikuko Inoue makes an appereance as Alv, with her trademark "Juunanasai" in ep 05.
    • Minoru Shiraishi — as the voice of okama Mi nourose, most of the mecha, and himself in one episode (including a reprise of his most popular line from Haruhi Suzumiya). He also wrote Ascoeur's "Pumpkin Pudding" ditty and stars in most of the DVD extras (half of the time in drag).
    • Norio Wakamoto — The narrator voice of the first episode, immediately making it (at least, its narration) epic. Also voices mascot character TAMA and returns as Eclair's son Che in one episode (voicing both characters simultaneously).
      Alisa: That sweet melodious voice, and that calculated look in his eyes! He's the ultimate Seme!
    • Tetsu Inada — A-oh
  • What Could Have Been: Just watch the original pilot.