• Contested Sequel: While considered to be an inferior sequel by most fans of the original, there is a brokenbase on whether or not the show could stand on its own. There is much argument over whether its Lighter and Softer tone in art direction, storytellling, and inclusion of far more humor than the original either ruins the show completely or if its enjoyable on its own merits. The excessive fanservice (even far more than Kiddy Grade had) is often considered a turnoff (especially in its blatant portrayal of homosexual acts) and so much of the series obviously became targeted towards Otakus. However positive points include its high quality budget production, often considered around the same league as the original Kiddy Grade was in its time of release, more character development into supporting and secondary characters, and the glorious return of Eclair and Lumiere in the final episode. However all fans who started with Kiddy Grade agree that killing off the protagonists so early was a bad move.
  • Growing the Beard: Yes, it's a bumpy ride, but eventually it does happen, somewhere from episode 9 onward.
  • Ho Yay: Between Torch and Shade. And then there's the yaoi-episode...
  • Les Yay: Surprisingly much less between the main characters than in Kiddy Grade, until they kiss near the end, which leaves little to the imagination in both length and intensity.