Trivia / In Time

  • Age Lift: Everyone is supposed to look like they're forever 25 - and only Amanda Seyfried was that age during filming.
  • Dawson Casting: An odd example since most important characters even though they look young are often quite old. Cillian Murphy in particular is in his mid 30's playing a character a decade younger (biologically speaking). And Justin Timberlake is in his 30s. Of the entire main cast, only Amanda Seyfried was really 25.
  • Playing Gertrude: An extreme example as Justin Timberlake is actually two years older than Olivia Wilde, who plays his mother. Justified as the film is set in a world where no one ages anymore.
  • Working Title: It originally was going to be titled "i'm.Mortal."
    • Was also listed as "Now" on IMDB for a while.