Awesome / In Time

  • Will arm wrestles Fortis TO THE DEATH! And when he pulls the rope-a-dope trick and his time almost runs out, Will pulls out a gun and shoots Fortis' gang and then takes all of Fortis' time.
  • Will and Sylvia escape from police by jumping out of a window - Will correctly predicts that the two cops will be too chicken shit to jump. Then, Leon gets there and jumps out.
  • Will winning 1100 years in a poker game with Weis. With literally seconds left.
  • The "heist" pulled off by the couple. It consists of them driving a truck into the bank, opening the vault, filling a suitcase with cartridges and Sylvia proclaiming that Weis Industries decided to give free loans to everyone around, but without the "paying back" part.
  • The couple getting past the time zone barriers by ramming their car through the toll booths.