Trivia / Hot Potato

  • Edited for Syndication: GSN reruns replaced the " a Barry-Enright Production" in Charlie O'Donnell's opening spiel with the Columbia-TriStar Television logo. The CBN and USA Network reruns left it alone. (This was CTT's policy at the time- add their logo to the end of practically anything they owned, and quite often plaster it over older logos. This, of course, only applied to Hot Potato, as all other Barry-Enright games used on GSN had the Barry-Enright logo already in the credits, making plastering impossible.)
  • Screwed by the Network: The show's brief lifenote  was mainly due to its Noon timeslot, where many NBC affiliates generally preempted it in favor of either local newscasts or syndicated programming.
    • The show's replacement in the Noon timeslot, Super Password, actually managed to thrive in said slot even with preemptions, mainly due to independent stations stepping in to air the program in lieu of the preempting NBC affiliates.