YMMV / Hot Potato

  • Awesome Music: The closing theme is a favorite among Game Show fans.
  • Discredited Meme: A troll on the newsgroup alt.tv.game-shows (ATGS) would frequently make posts asking how "hat putato" was played ("how wuz hat putato plaed? did bil kulin tos uh putato at thu kuntestintz? tat wud bu funi!"). The first "hat putato" post was made in 2000, and the majority of the game show community left to create The Game Show Forum in June 2003 due to the increasing number of such trolls at ATGS. References to "hat putato" followed, much to the chagrin of fans who were already sick of it by that time.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Instead of moving the show from its Noon timeslot, on April 23, 1984 the format went from using teams of three people with the same occupation to teams of two celebrities and a single contestant. The infusion of celebs worked about as well as it did on Bullseye in late 1981 i.e., not very well at all.
    • A lot of celebs took their wisecracks and shenanigans far more seriously than they did the game (giving bad answers just to be funny should not be happening, generally speaking, unless you've been challenged and legitimately have zero clue). The producers probably sensed this would be an issue, as the Seven-Straight Jackpot was removed upon the format change...which bit them on the butt immediately, as a contestant on the first Celebrity episode managed to give seven straight right answers all by herself, after her wisecracking celeb teammates got benched.