Trivia: Hard Candy

  • Vindicated by History: Not to Donnie Darko levels, but word of mouth has definitely spread this film. The fact that both of its stars have gone onto greater things (X-Men, Juno, Watchmen, Insidious) hasn't hurt either.
  • Word of God - Breaks the ambiguity to some degree, while enhancing the Misaimed Fandom aspects. At one point, the filmmakers as much as said that both characters are villain protagonists. Jeff is a pedophile, child molester, and possible murderer; Hayley is a fledgling serial killer. Both of them are intended to be more or less equally sympathetic and repugnant; neither are remotely heroic.
  • Word of Saint Paul: In an interview, Ellen Page confirms that she played the character as a 14 year old on what she believes is a righteous crusade, lashing out because of her anger at uncaught pedophiles. In fact, she refused the line "Maybe not even fourteen" because she believed it went against the character she had built through her performance. She also commented on how cruel her character is. Hayley clearly enjoys everything she does to Jeff, making her a sadist either way. Page has also discredited her comparing Hayley to Joan of Arc, saying "I said "Joan of Arc" because it was a stupid question and it was the first thing I thought of." Also worth nothing that Page and the script writer had vastly different opinions of Hayley.