Fridge / Hard Candy

  • Fridge Brilliance: It always bugged me that Hayley would make such a simple mistake as getting seen by Judy Tokuda on the roof, especially since she's already killed a man and gotten away with it, but it could have been a part of The Plan- Jeff's model friend might refuse to believe Jeff was really a murderous pedophile, but when a good citizen like Judy tells the police that she saw a young girl on the roof... Hayley maybe didn't think Judy would come to the house, but that only helped her plan- Judy would report that not only did she see the girl, but they had a conversation and the girl seemed scared, told a story that was a obviously a pack of lies and seemed very eager to get rid of her. It would be easy enough for the model to assume that the pictures were planted at Jeff's house, or that there was a reasonable explanation for their presence, but Judy's statement that there was a scared young girl at the house would likely destroy all the affection the model felt for him.
    • Well it depends how you interpret Judy's scene. Personally I don't think that Hayley came across as scared - more suspicious. And as you said, eager to get rid of her. Hayley's behaviour on the roof was not that of a girl in obvious distress. And when Judy comes to the door, Hayley seems very much like she was hiding something. Judy would probably suspect the girl of being a vandal instead of a victim - since it looked very much like she could have been breaking into the house (with no sign of Jeff around). And Judy might think that if the girl was being attacked, where was her attacker? If Jeff was attacking her, why let her answer the door when he could have gone to the door himself and avoided any suspicion? So it looks very much to me like Judy is going to tell the authorities about a suspicious looking girl who could have possibly been breaking into the house.
    • And although Hayley's mistake of walking around on the roof is a little stupid, she's still just a child and therefore prone to a few slip-ups.