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Trivia / Ganbare Goemon

  • Fan Translation: For Ganbare Goemon 2, the original game, and Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu (in progress). Some non-patch translations exist for Ganbare Goemon 3/4 and Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru, but only cover major scenes.
  • No Export for You: The ONLY reason why Konami bothered to release this game in the U.S. is possibly because they needed a game (along Gradius) for the American release of the SNES and nothing else.
  • Sequel First: The first Ganbare Goemon game released outside Japan was Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the SNES (the series had previous installments for the Famicom), in which for no reason Goemon and Ebisumaru were renamed "Kid Ying" and "Dr. Yang". The two Nintendo 64 games that were later localized kept the characters' original names.
    • The renaming is especially surprising, since no other names were changed, and there was no attempt at Westernizing any Japanese elements like tends to happen with localizations back in the day.