Trivia / Faith Hill

  • Breakthrough Hit: "Wild One" on the country charts, "This Kiss" on the pop charts.
  • Creator Couple: With Tim McGraw since 1996.
  • Development Hell: She has been trying to mount a comeback since 2011, but so far, her only attempts have been two low-charting singles: a cover of OneRepublic's "Come Home", and "American Heart". However, she had a one-time return to the Top 5 in 2014 backing her husband on "Meanwhile Back at Mama's", and finally released a duets album with him in 2017.
  • Genre Adultery: Breathe was noticeably more pop than her previous efforts, but it was still rooted in country enough to get her hits there. Cry completed the transition from country-pop to outright pop. Although this sound won her a Grammy for the title track and gave her a third number one on the AC charts, the rest of the album did very little at country or pop radio ("Cry" zoomed to #12 then dropped like a rock), and led to many fans accusing her of selling out to the pop base. She pretty much returned to her mid-1990s sound with Fireflies in 2005.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Attempted in the "This Kiss" video, but there are a few shots where her baby bump is at least somewhat noticeable.
  • What Could Have Been: Hill was briefly engaged to her producer, Scott Hendricks, but broke it off to marry Tim McGraw. Seeing as the duet "It's Your Love" kicked both singers' careers into high gear...