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Mark Wills (Born Daryl Mark Williams on August 8th, 1973) is an American country singer.

Born in Cleveland, Tennessee, he first came to prominence in 1996, when the song "Jacob's Ladder" off his debut album peaked at number 6 on the Country Music charts. His follow up album "Wish You Were Here" produced two big singles. The lead-off track "I Do (Cherish You)" and "Don't Laugh At Me" both went to number 2 on the charts. In 1998, he had his first #1 with "Wish You Were Here".

His career cooled over the next few years, his biggest hit being a Covered Up version of Brian McKnight's "Back at One"

Then 2002 rolled around, and Wills finally reached Number 1 status with the hit single "19 Somethin'".

Wills has released several albums since, but hasn't repeated a number 1 hit.


  • Mark Wills(1996)
  • Wish You Were Here(1998)
  • Permanently(2000)
  • Loving Every Minute(2001)
  • Greatest Hits(2002)
  • And the Crowd Goes Wild(2003)
  • Familiar Stranger(2008)
  • Looking For America(2011)

Tropes present in his work: