YMMV / Faith Hill

  • Broken Base: Cry, with its pop crossover sheen, all but alienated her from country radio. While Cry was successful at pop radio, it bombed at country, and many fans accused her of selling out completely after years of crossovers such as "This Kiss" and "Breathe" had already set her down the path. She ultimately managed to mostly Win Back the Crowd with Fireflies.
  • Covered Up:
    • "Wild One" had been recorded by at least two bands nobody's ever heard of (Evangeline and Zaca Creek) before Faith got to it.
    • "Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me" was originally released by Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips.
    • In a more extreme example, Faith was completely unaware that "Piece of My Heart" was (originally by Emma Franklin and more famously Covered Up) by Big Brother and the Holding Company until long after she'd cut it. Some critics disliked Faith's cover for sounding too upbeat, but when she sings it live, she sticks closer to the feel of the Big Brother and the Holding Company version.
    • Her 2011 single "Come Home" is a OneRepublic cover.
  • Dork Age: Cry to an extent. While it got her a huge pop hit with the title track, it was considered way too pop and country radio mostly shunned her until Fireflies in 2005.
  • 8.8: Slant Magazine gave her comeback album Fireflies zero stars. Most of the review is just Jonathan Keefe whining about how he always thought Faith Hill was overrated, and he often toes the line of outright flaming her. The album was otherwise met with moderate to positive reviews.