Trivia / Eegah!

  • Incestuous Casting: Writer/director Arch Hall Sr. cast himself as the father of his son's love interest. He used two pseudonyms to cover this - his director credit is "Nicholas Merriweather" and his acting credit as Arthur Miller is "William Watters."
    • Jr. uses the "Nicholas Merriweather" pseudonym for his novels.
  • Looping Lines:
    • The infamously poorly dubbed line "Watch out for snakes."
    • Arch Hall, Sr. did all of Eegah's lines, including the grunting.
  • Old Shame: Averted. Arch Hall, Sr. loved talking about the troubled production and the difficulties he encountered. Hall, Jr. admits he was never meant to be an actor, but did become not only a successful pilot but an author of a thriller, Aspara Jet, with the protagonist being an airline pilot - and the book was very well received.
  • Parody Retcon: The film would tour Southern California, with the main cast dressed in costume as their characters (including Kiel), coming out on stage to intro the film - the crowd would hoot and holler, and even talk back to the characters on the screen. Sound familiar?
  • Real-Life Relative: Hall, Sr. and Hall, Jr., of course. Marilyn Manning was Hall Sr.'s secretary at the time.
  • Troubled Production: Oh, boy. For starters, the sound technician accidentally pressed Play instead of Record at one point, forcing Hall, Sr. to re-dub and foley a bunch of scenes himself. This led to him doing all of Eegah's lines in the film.