Trivia / Doctor Who S5 E4 "The Enemy of the World"

  • Acting for Two: Patrick Troughton plays both Salamander and the Doctor for this adventure. Considering the only difference between them is a hair style and costume and accent, Patrick Troughton puts his heart into making those two completely different.
  • Defictionalization: Someone arrested for not predicting a natural disaster? That could never possibly happen!
  • Vindicated by Reruns: For years this story was considered the odd one out of a season dominated by "Monsters of the Week" and the "Base Under Siege" plots. The only existing episode was part 3, a slow middle episode and one which didn't give an accurate picture of the entire serial. But that was all fans had to go on. Now, with all six episodes recovered, there has been a major fan reevaluation, and the story is considered fresh for its time in integrating political intrigue with Doctor Who. DWM pointed out that in their top 200 stories poll of 2009 it was the 30th rated story of the 60s, but in 2014 it was the 10th rated.