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Trivia: Chopped
  • Adored by the Network: If you were to turn on Food Network right now, chances are you will be watching this show. Not only has it come to dominate Food Network's prime time schedule, but it's spawned a number of spiritual spin-offs including Cutthroat Kitchen and even Chopped: Canada. Even Guy Fieri, who dominates most of whatever evening airtime isn't taken up by Chopped with Diners Driveins And Dives, now has his own Chopped-style show, Guy's Grocery Games.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Several chefs from Chopped make appearances in other Food Network shows or are profiled as well.
    • On season 8 of Series/Food Network Star Giada's team visited Arthur Avenue (the original Little Italy) and Arthur Avenue Trattoria and Mike's Deli. The chef/owner competed in the Cornish hen episode.
    • Speaking of Food Network Star, Michele Ragussis once competed on Chopped.
    • Michael Gilletto is one odd case. As The Other Wiki notes, he appears on Restaurant: Impossible as one of the four chefs to become the head chef. He initially wins, but it was clear he was having second thoughts and did not take the job after all. Later, when Food Network aired a short home-cooked version (aptly named "The Chopped Open Your Basket Challenge'', essentially a promo advertisement), he's one of the judges.
    • As noted on Sweet Genius, several chefs have competed on both Chopped and Sweet Genius.
    • Will from Season 9 of Hells Kitchen appeared on the show.
      • Roshni from Season 10 ended up winning in her appearance.
    • Maria Velez, whose restaurant Mojito Cuban Cuisine was profiled on Kitchen Nightmares, appeared on Chopped two years later.
    • Host Ted Allen was the food and wine expert on Queer Eye.
  • Hey It's That Music:
    • When the chefs are standing around the Chopping Block, the show sometimes plays background music from Space Empires V.
    • Some of the music used in Chopped seems to appear in Man v. Food.
    • One of its musical clips is also used in Saints Row: The Third (specifically the music played when in a clothes shop).
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Chopped has become one of the premiere food competitions that it's not uncommon for chefs being profiled to mention that they were on Chopped.
  • What Could Have Been: Ted Allen humorously remarked that Chopped was going to take place in an eccentric millionaire's mansion with the losing dish in each round going to the chihuahua. It was too much for Food Network.

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