Trivia / Chopped

  • Adored by the Network: If you were to turn on Food Network right now, chances are you will be watching this show. Not only has it come to dominate Food Network's prime time schedule, but it's spawned a number of spiritual spin-offs including Cutthroat Kitchen and even Chopped: Canada. Even Guy Fieri, who dominates most of whatever evening airtime isn't taken up by Chopped with Diners Driveins And Dives, now has his own Chopped-style show, Guy's Grocery Games.
  • Hey It's That Music:
    • When the chefs are standing around the Chopping Block, the show sometimes plays background music from Space Empires V.
    • Some of the music used in Chopped seems to appear in Man v. Food. Possibly justified since both Food Network and Travel Channel are owned by the same company.
    • One of its musical clips is also used in Saints Row: The Third (specifically the music played when in a clothes shop).
  • Spiritual Sequel: To Iron Chef
  • Star-Making Role: Ted Allen was a food and wine expert, but hosting this show gave viewers brand name recognition.
  • What Could Have Been: Ted Allen humorously remarked that Chopped was originally going to take place in an eccentric millionaire's mansion, with the millionaire's butler as the host and the losing dishes being fed to the millionaire's pet Chihuahua. Naturally, the Food Network found this "too weird," but wanted to keep the general premise of the show and put it in a more straightforward competition format.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: The show hasn't even been on TV for a full decade, but it's already become one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions—to the point of where it's not uncommon for chefs being profiled to mention that they were on the show, whether as a contestant or even as a judge.