Funny: Chopped

  • When one of the contestants who has, in the course of his two episodes on the show, grated on everybody's nerves, started calling out the ingredients.
    Ted (flatly): Chris, let me do that.
  • Upon seeing graham crackers in the basket for the appetizer round, one contestant exclaimed, "The crackers kill my life!"
  • While explaining a dessert made when tofu was in the basket:
    Contestant: I used to make a similar dessert when I worked at vegan dinning facility.
    Marc Murphy: Is this health food?
    Contestant: It's not bad for you...
    Ted: Don't tell him that! Tell him there's a stick of butter in it!
    • And it turned out that there actually was a stick of butter in the recipe! (The contestant has added it to soften up the Mexican chocolate that was in the basket).
  • In the second judges' episode, one of the shelves in the fridge breaks, causing things to fall all over the floor. Chris Santos remarks that he "broke the pantry".
    • And when he flat-out runs away, Geoffrey Zakarian telling him to "go back and fix it!", Santos yells "HELL NO!" and cracks up the rest of the competitors.
  • The appetizer round of the teen chefs episode has three of the chefs crowding around one of the plates to see what they did, and just having a good time.
  • In the Season 3 Chopped Champion finale, chef Jun Tanaka admits that his first exposure to cooking was when, as a child in Japan, his mother ran a baking class out of their kitchen, where he spent most of his time under the kitchen table looking at women's legs.
  • Robert Irvine was on one of the celebrity episodes, and was positively disgusted with the presence of Brand X Fruit Loops as an ingredient. He doesn't even open the box like a normal person—he takes a gigantic butcher's knife and effectively guts the box to access the cereal. Even the other judges can't help but react to the sight of this talented chef showing his opinion of the ingredient.
  • In an all-fried-foods episode, one contestant puts canned chickpeas in hot oil before they're thoroughly dried; oil then spews from his dutch oven. This prompts Amanda Freitag to deliver a public-service announcement to one of the cameras, smiling the entire time she delivers her message:
    Amanda: Be careful when frying at home. Don't use liquidy items in hot oil. Thank you.
  • Pretty much all of the installments of Chopped: After Hours, especially when Ted encourages the judges to try and sabotage each other.
  • The 2013 Halloween episode, which featured one chef who seemed sincerely convinced that he'd been left on Earth by aliens. This was even better when he decides to melt a green, gummy candy skull, one of the basket ingredients, and it does end up looking like an alien head.
    • There was also Chef Sharon, who declares that she hates Halloween the second Ted asks her about it.
  • On one of the 2014 Chopped Teen tournament episodes, the dessert round is just about to start, but Ted slips up and says they have "Thirty seconds on the clock." When one of the competitors (Lucy) points this out, the music stops, complete with a record scratch, and Ted goes "Oh. Oh, shoot! Good catch!"