Trivia: Carnival of Souls

  • Descended Creator: The Man is played by director Herk Harvey.
  • Never Recycle a Building: The Amusement Park of Doom from the climax was the Real Life abandoned ruin Saltair, a former Mormon dance hall and bathing pier; Herk Harvey happened to run across it while driving across Utah, derelict and decrepit but yet never torn down or sold, and was so inspired by its creepiness as to film it as the centerpiece.
  • One-Book Author: Herk Harvey never directed another feature (although he did helm many educational shorts).
  • Playing Against Type: Comedian Larry Miller is the downright menacing Big Bad in the remake.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Candace Hilligoss (who played Mary in the original) had been in talks to greenlight a sequel, and had even written a treatment and screenplay. For good or ill, the deal fell through. Her claim was that Peter Soby feigned an interest in her script just to get his foot in the door with Harvey and get the film rights to do a remake. In acquiring these rights, Hilligoss wound up being written out of the deal and Soby went on to produce the 1998 remake (which had nothing to do with Hilligoss's script).
    • Hilligoss was asked to make a cameo in the remake, but turned it down do to feelings of betrayal and disrespect due to the above reasons.