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Trivia: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
  • Charles Barkley was born February 20, 1963, which would make him at least 89 years old during the game.
  • Michael Jordan is one of the primary villains, and his sprite is based on that of Michael Jackson from the game "Moonwalker".
  • Wilford Brimley can cure diabetes at the cost of absorbing it into himself and compounding his own condition.
  • One of your primary party members is Balthios, octoroon (that is, one-eighth black) grandson of LeBron James.
  • Charles Barkley accidentally caused the apocalypse cyberpocalypse by unleashing a forbidden basketball dunk.
  • Bill Cosby was once a scientist working to develop the ultimate basketball before accidentally being cursed to haunt the land as the Ghost Dad (from the movie Ghost Dad) and looked like a black Sephiroth when alive.
  • Oh, and Charles has it bad for old flame Juwanna Mann.
  • Gatdam animal people- not "people in suits" but "humans with Magic Plastic Surgery" -basically live like Morlocks in the sewers.
  • The game has two language settings: English and Al Bhed.
  • Space Jam is canon to the story.
    • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam 2 is not.
  • Hoopz Barkley is clearly not Skate.
    • Likewise, Neo New York and Balthios are NOT from X-Kaliber 2097.
    • And Shadow Barkley's second form's body is clearly NOT Diablo from Primal Rage with Barkley's face plastered over it.
  • Balthios is a were-duergar, who transforms into a treasure-thieving madman on the arbitrary date of Columbus Day. This has no connection to the plot at all Aside from the one time you have to fight him on the ship.
  • The world worships Clispaeth, AKA Crispis Attucks, the first man to be killed in the Boston Massacre.
  • On a Something Awful thread for a Let's Play of this game, Chef Boyardee himself made a post, revealing the following:
    • The original idea came from seeing the name "Barkley, Shut Up and Jam" and thinking putting "Gaiden" at the end would sound really cool. He's never actually played the game himself.
    • Exactly two Pump Rants weren't written by him. One was by a guy who played the demo and thought the rants were serious. The other was written by a friend of his who took almost all of it from a post on SA. (Boyardee did not know of SA at the time).
    • The idea of the rants being from Truck Pumps came from one of the other programmers having once gone by the name of "Turkpimp". A running gag in some games they made involved him, and over time it devolved into "Truck Pump".
    • The poem sidequest stemmed from an experience where a rather wretched girl cried after being told by Chef Boyardee that he wouldn't take her to the prom.
    • The idea of Zalatar the turkey came from a fake story he posted on a Furry Fandom website about having been a punchbag for bullies and finding his true calling by being the Turkey in a thanksgiving day parade.
    • The hobo Barkley can talk to in Proto Neo New York is based off a man who co-created This game (The other creators being GZ, the one who did the programming, and Konix, who did some of the graphics).

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