Trivia / Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

  • Development Hell: A full four years after the game's release passed before news of the sequel surfaced.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The theme song mashups the Space Jam theme with the chiptune MOD "Funky Stars" by Quazar (later known as Axwell).
  • Word of God: On a Something Awful thread for a Let's Play of this game, Chef Boyardee himself made a post, revealing the following:
    • The original idea came from seeing the name "Barkley, Shut Up and Jam" and thinking putting "Gaiden" at the end would sound really cool. He's never actually played the game.
    • Exactly two Pump Rants weren't written by him. One was by a guy who played the demo and thought the rants were serious. The other was written by a friend of his who took almost all of it from a post on SA. (Boyardee did not know of SA at the time).
    • The idea of the rants being from Truck Pumps came from one of the other programmers having once gone by the name of "Turkpimp". A running gag in some games they made involved him, and over time it devolved into "Truck Pump".
    • The poem sidequest stemmed from an experience where a rather wretched girl cried after being told by Chef Boyardee that he wouldn't take her to the prom.
    • The idea of Zalatar the turkey came from a fake story he posted on a Furry Fandom website about having been a punchbag for bullies and finding his true calling by being the Turkey in a thanksgiving day parade.
    • The hobo Barkley can talk to in Proto Neo New York is based off a man who co-created this game.