WMG / Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

The Chaos Dunk, and the resulting backlash against basketball, destroyed McDonald's
Isn't it odd that, given the incredible healing power of the Burger King chicken fry, we don't hear anything about Burger King's main competitors? Even assuming that there's only enough Neo-Shekels left for one fast food place, why is it Burger King and not the Real Life number one McDonalds? The answer is that McDonalds has a long history of using b-ballers in their advertisements, from the early 1990s to the era of basketball/Looney Tunes crossovers and the greatest symbol of that era, all the way to relatively recently, McDonalds has been using the images of b-ball stars to promote itself in ways that Burger King hasn't. And while that evidently works well in eras when basketball is well-liked, once b-ball is hated and feared it's likely to bite McDonalds in the ass.
  • Doesn't make sense, Shaq has done ads for Burger King in the past.

Barkley is ageless
Check him out in this game: he's still young-looking and capable of playing b-ball well into his 70s or 80s, despite Lebron James' great-grandson already having long white hairnote . Hell, he looks younger in-game than he does in real life. There must be some explanation for it... Possibly that Charles Barkley, instead of being corrupted by high levels of negative b-ball energy like the people in Proto Neo New York, is instead strengthened by the residual b-ball energy floating around years after the Chaos Dunk ushered in the post-cyberpocalypse. As for how he was fast and strong and skilled enough to perform the Chaos Dunk, and why he was back in pro b-ball in the first place, he might have been re-invigorated by some large release of b-ball energy before this.

If there was a sequel, here's what to expect...
  • Charles obtaining a magic coin that will make him grow gigantic so he can be able to fight Godzilla.
  • The Looney Tunes appearing.
  • Hoopz Barkley: Slammer, Jammer, Gun'sbraster. And he'll be OP as hell.
    • The third option seems to be confirmed.

Michael Jordan was either protecting or avenging his family!
  • Since Space Jam is canon, it was firmly established that he had a wife, two kids, a dog, and a grandmother still walking around. They were never mentioned in the game, and Michael has gotten very cold since the chaos dunk. So I can imagine one of two events out of this. 1) Not wanting to get his family involved, or maybe because his family was threatened, he chose to be an agent and a total dick towards other b-ballers, just to do a good job and keep his family alive. Or 2) The events of the chaos dunk somehow led to the death of his family, and he went insane or became obsessed with Charles Barkley, wanting his chance to finally get back at him for losing his family.

Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone were killed by the first Chaos Dunk

No evidence for this WMG in particular.

More people will appear in the sequel such as...

  • Metta World Peace: A demon who leads a cult dedicated to creating peace... by getting into random fights and thus working all the violence out of their own bodies. Uttering his true name will make him flee in horror.
  • Dennis Rodman the 3rd: He has the power to turn into a Magical Girl.
  • The Looney Tunes
  • Godzilla
  • Captain Novolin: Just because of the diabetes being Serious Business.

No evidence for these, just making a full-court shot at the buzzer.