Trivia / B-Robo Kabutack

  • Canon Discontinuity: How Toei has treated this series and Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack as of late - while the series were listed in one of the Super Hero Taihen specials, said list also included Moerro!! Robocon, which is definitely NOT a Metal Heroes series, so it was likely referring to series that had come out during the period of time that Kamen Rider was on hiatusnote ; later, Super Hero Taisen Z showed a list of the Metal Heroes series, with this series and Robotack both being absent from said list; doubles as Missing Episode, since these 2 are the only series that have not received DVD re-releases.
  • Franchise Original Sin: While the next series was the one that ended up killing the franchise on TV, a large number of the elements responsible for this can be found in this series.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: As noted above, this is one of the two Metal Hero series that Toei has not released on DVD.