Trivia / Assassins

The film:

  • Creator Backlash: The Wachowskis were so unhappy with how their script was rewritten that they petitioned to have their names removed from the credits, but were denied this request by the WGA.
  • Dawson Casting: While throughout the film Rath is treated as an old man and Bain as a young punk, the ages of the actors don't particularly help: Sylvester Stallone was 49 years old, Antonio Banderas 35 years old.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The trailer showed many deleted scenes and alternate lines:
    • Rath is walking in the streets and looks at some store. Originally in this deleted scene he stops one customer from stealing a dress, talks with female store clerk and then pretends that he wants to buy a dress for his wife/girlfriend because they had a fight but when clerk goes to the other room to wrap up the dress Rath leaves a wad of $100 bills sticking in clerk's textbook and exits the store. This scene focused on Rath's loneliness and how he doesn't have anyone to care about or anyone to care about him.
    • An extended funeral scene with original introduction of Bain where he is walking across cemetery when some caretaker asks can he help him and Bain says "I'm just looking for someone", caretaker thinks that Bain is looking for someone's grave and tells him that he can check the plot map of the cemetery but then Bain says "He's not dead yet."
    • In the scene where Bain recognizes Rath in the cab instead of saying something in Spanish Bain says "Surprise!". Trailer also includes another additional/alternate line in the same scene from Bain when he is aiming at the kids playing the soccer and says "Moving target."
    • A deleted scene between Rath and Electra in which after she is almost spotted by Bain on the cemetery during the "Day Of The Dead" scene they get back in the hotel, then after talking for a while they make love. Trailer shows couple parts of this scene, Electra telling Rath "You're a strange man, Robert Rath" and two of them hugging and kissing. In this scene they also tell each other their real names (Joseph and Anna) but in the final version they do that in the ending after Bain and Nicolai are killed, but their lines are heard off screen indicating that they were dubbed by two actors into the scene later in post production.
  • What Could Have Been:

The Sondheim musical:

  • Acting for Two: In the 2004 revival, the Balladeer and Lee Harvey Oswald were played by the same actor. Many productions since have followed suit.
  • Cut Song: "The Flag Song", which was later used in Road Show with altered lyrics.
    • Also "Something Just Broke" in the original production, before putting it back in in the revival.