Funny: Assassins



  • Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore's attempt to assassinate Gerald Ford. Key word here being "attempt". Even Gerald Ford had to step in a help them pick up the fallen bullet.
    • Speaking of Sarah Jane Moore: "Shit, I shot it!"
    • The ending of the scene really stands out. Squeaky and Sarah thank the friendly man for helping them pick up their bullets, and he introduces himself: "Gerry Ford." The two women stare at each other... then the Secret Service who have been right there the whole time. When Ford leaves, Sarah attempts to throw the bullets at him. Then the buzzer goes off.
    Sarah Jane Moore: SHIT!
  • Ditto for Hinckley's attempt to kill Ronald Reagan. This Troper's parents claim this was also Ronald Reagan's answer to Jimmy Carter in the debates.
    Reagan: There you go again. There you go again.
    • All of Reagan's responses in the play are from actual quotesfrom when he was actually shot.
      Sorry, Nancy. I forgot to duck.

      I hope that surgeon's a Republican.

      Where'd that kid learn to shoot, the Russian army?
  • Byck's rant at Leonard Bernstein and Nixon through a tape recorder.
    "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCKKK! How ya doin', babe?"
  • Artie Bremer's only line.
    It was a bum rap! My penis made me do it!