Trivia / Anthrax

  • Money, Dear Boy: Rhythm guitarist Scott Ian responded to fan charges that they were "selling out" when they chose John Bush as their new lead singer and with their more mainstream sounding album Sound of White Noise by saying "The bottom line is, everyone in this business is in it to make money. Myself included."
  • The Pete Best: Anthrax had quite a lot of members who never appeared on a single album.
    • Dan Lilker, to some degree; he did record on Fistful of Metal, but everyone knows him for his work with Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Jon Donais.
  • Too Soon: It was rumored that they would change their name following the 2001 anthrax attacks, but eventually nothing happened... and they showed up at the anthrax attack benefit concert wearing this.
    • Though it all may have been a joke from the get-go, considering the name they said they would change to ("Basket Full of Puppies")...