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Trivia: Andromeda
  • Actor Allusion: After his first run-in with Dylan, Harper describe him as "like a Greek god."
    • And, later, he turns out to be only half-human (and a gene-enhanced heavy-worlder human at that), with the other half being a highly-evolved version of a highly-evolved race of aliens that founded galactic civilisation. He is, therefore, the Science Fiction equivalent of a demi-god.
  • Executive Meddling: Robert Wolfe was the original head writer of the series, based on Gene Roddenberry's notes. He resigned after season two because of differences with the executive. He has since, however, written a one-act play, Coda, which is a compressed form of his original plan for Andromeda.
    • Actually, the way Robert Wolfe explains it, he was fired for not bowing to executive demands to make the show more episodic and Kevin Sorbo's demand that all episodes be based around him.

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