Awesome: Andromeda

  • The crew has been cornered by the Drago-Kazov fleet under their new field marshal, who's more than happy to gloat that his predecessor lost one too many battles to Dylan and company. Dylan then casually outlines his suicidal new plan, to which the field marshal thinks that he's bluffing.
    Dylan Hunt: You didn't talk to Cuchulain about me before you had him executed... did you? No? Well that's too bad. I wonder who's next in line."
  • Harper and Tyr, season one finale, preparing to face down a hoard of hundreds of rampaging, flesh-eating Magog with no remaining ammo and a couple of knives: "Shall we dance, Master Harper?"
    • In the same episode, Rommie walks through the Magog-infested corridors of the Andromeda and absolutely destroys every group she comes across, nonchalantly tossing the ferocious Magog aside like they weigh nothing at all. It takes being literally pinned to the wall by a gigantic spear to slow her down - and before long, she pulls the spear out, tosses it aside, and just keeps on walking.
  • For Dylan and Tyr. For Tyr's comments in "The Belly of the Beast" (just when it seems certain that they will all die, but specifically Dylan).
    Tyr Anasazi: "I have faith in nothing but this: when the universe collapses and dies, there will be three survivors. Tyr Anasazi, the cockroaches, and Dylan Hunt trying to save the cockroaches."
  • Harper in the season 2 episode "Into the Labyrinth". After spending most of the episode being manipulated by the femme fatale agent of the Spirit of the Abyss into retrieving vital information, Harper turns the tables and tells her off. "Forget it. I'm done listening to you. Did you really think I'd play your stupid little games, huh? Tempt me, scare me, kiss me, snare me? Give me a few convenient targets to try a little God-like power on, and all of a sudden, boom: I'm Seamus Harper, foot soldier of the apocalypse. Well, not me honey. I'm nobody's pawn—I don't even like chess."
  • Let's not forget Rommie the avatar's (naked) debut in the third episode of the series:
    ROMMIE: I am Andromeda. The ship made flesh.
    When Hayek orders his people to kill her, Rommie slams everyone to the floor instantly by increasing the artificial gravity field.
    ROMMIE: Dylan may not be a god, but on this ship, *I AM*!
    • Made all the more awesomely impressive by the fact that she's stark naked the entire time.
  • Gaheris Rhade going back to change time in The Unconquerable Man. The man that betrayed the Commonwealth have adopted the goal of restoring the Commonwealth to the point that he is willing to sacrifice everything for a better shot at it - not just his life, but even his reputation as anything but a traitor to the Commonwealth and his captain. Once genuinely convinced that saving Dylan would bring the Commonwealth closer to restoration, he barely even hesitates.