Trivia / All Points Bulletin

  • Author Existence Failure - Real Time Worlds went under in August 2010, and the game followed briefly.
  • Creator Killer: Poor sales of the initial game killed Realtime Worlds and shut the game down after a record-low ten weeks...
  • No Export for You - Australia is screwed again, but this time, the reason isn't Moral Guardians - it's Money, Dear Boy, as the cost of renting servers and high-speed connection in Australia is tantamount to extortion.
  • Screwed by the Network: Although GamersFirst did rescue the game initially, some of their decisions with the game have alienated a lot of its' playerbase. Problems with game balancing, insufficient content releases and a significant price hike in the premium content have led many of the long-standing players to consider the game 'dead'. The rumor of corrupt devs unbanning hackers, even if false, did not help matters.