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Trivia: Abba
  • Cash Cow Franchise: ABBA: The Album. ABBA: The Movie. ABBA: The T-Shirt. ABBA: The Socks. ABBA: The Soap. You get the idea.
  • Creator Backlash: Bjorn and Benny aren't too fond of "Santa Rosa", "I Saw It In The Mirror", "Ah Vilka Tider", "Dum Dum Diddle", "Summer Night City" or "You Owe Me One". They also don't like parts of "Just A Notion" and "Just Like That" hence editing them for the ABBA Undeleted Medley. Also, they disliked the chorus of the song "Terra Del Fuego" so much that they edited it out and renamed it "Here Comes Rubie Jamie" for its part of the Undeleted Medley.
    • Bjorn and Benny have been critical of some of Abba's poppier moments. Regarding "You Owe Me One", they did not include it on the 2001 reissue of The Visitors even though it was on the 1997 one. However it was included on the Deluxe Edition.
    • Benny said that he found the hard rock experiment "Watch Out" somewhat embarrassing in hindsight, and that it could easily be removed from his and Bjorn's track record without anyone noticing. The song is quite well regarded amongst fans though.
      • They also were pretty upset with how badly "So Long" did in the charts considering they rated it as being a good song and a guaranteed hit due to its intentional similarity to "Waterloo". They realised that writing to a successful formula was not always the way to have a hit, although they did find one later when they started writing lyrics about failing relationships.
  • Creator Breakdown: The band's last album The Visitors and after that, their last recorded song The Day Before You Came. Agnetha was clearly on the verge of tears for the latter song.
    • The three songs the band initially recorded for their ninth album, "You Owe Me One", "I Am The City" and "Just Like That" (which is still unreleased) are joyful and upbeat. However, when the album was cancelled they decided to record three new songs for a Greatest Hits. Something must have happened between the sessions because the last three songs they recorded, "Under Attack", "Cassandra" and "The Day Before You Came" are very dark indeed (well, Under Attack isn't musically, but it is lyrically).
  • Dyeing for Your Art / Dye Hard: Frida's hair stylist must've gotten rich from performing all those re-dos and dye jobs.
  • He Also Did: You know Lasse Hallstrom, the guy who directed Chocolat? He also directed most of ABBA's music videos and The Movie.
  • Missing Episode: "Just Like That", "Get On The Carousel" and "I Am An A" were never officially released. The first one has bootlegs but is incomplete, the second one can only be heard in The Movie and the third one in (bad-quality) fan recordings.
    • The 1977 Australian tour is kind of a one too; all the released footage is in The Movie, but many performances are severely compressed, or outright cut. Sad, considering it was the most important tour of ABBA's career.
    • For a long time, "I'm Still Alive," one of only two songs Agnetha wrote while in the bandnote  was this. It was only performed on the 1979 Europe/America tour, and for thirty-five years the only known recordings were fan bootlegs of varying quality made on video and cassette tapes. This all changed in 2014 when it was officially released, in HQ audio, on their live album ABBA Live at Wembley.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Averted - the band turned down a one billion dollar offer to reform for a 100 date tour in the year 2000. That woud've been 2.5 million dollars each per concert.
  • Old Shame: Benny and Bjorn have expressed embarrassment at their first album, Ring Ring, and some of the stuff on Waterloo.
    • Somebody at Danish TV had a very long memory and a lot of time on their hands. Why else would they go searching through the archives to find this little gem from their 1970 ''Festfolket'' tour?
    • The original exterior video for "Ring Ring" was so badly lit that they reshot it on a soundstage.
      • When Abba began getting popular again in the 90s, Bjorn and Benny were bemused by it, feeling that their music was dated and they had moved on from that period of their lives. That's not to say they weren't flattered by their continued popularity, and they did work on archival releases because of it.
  • Referenced By: In Knights Of Buena Vista, Walter considers ABBA a good band, and is furious when Dick compares them to Nickelback.
  • What Could Have Been: ABBA didn't intend to split permanently in 1983 (hence why their compilation album was called "The Singles: the FIRST Ten Years") Rather, the intention was to go on hiatus for a year or two, during which time Bjorn and Benny would write the musical "Chess" whilst Agnetha and Frida would focus on solo careers. However, for various reasons they never got back together. When you look at how the band evolved over their decade-long lifespan, it would have been very interesting to see what other songs they might have recorded had they lasted a few more years...
    • The song "Arrival" was supposed to have lyrics but Bjorn forgot to bring them to the recording sessions. The lyrics were about the birth of his and Agnetha's daughter Linda.
      • It's speculated that the hiatus made them realise they didn't like working with each other anymore.

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