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Trivia: A Night to Remember
  • Enforced Method Acting: As there were no water tanks in studios big enough to accommodate the sets, outdoor scenes were shot in an open-air swimming pool. In November; none of the actors wanted to have to jump in. Kenneth Moore wrote:
    "I would have to set an example. I leaped. Never have I experienced such cold in all my life. It was like jumping into a deep freeze just like the people did on the actual Titanic. The shock of the cold water forced the breath out of my lungs. My heart seemed to stop beating. I felt crushed, unable to think. I had rigor mortis... without the mortis. And then I surfaced, spat out the dirty water and, gasping for breath, found my voice. 'Stop!' I shouted. 'Don't listen to me! It's bloody awful! Stay where you are!' But it was too late as the extras followed suit."
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Ilya Kuryakin started out in life as a radio operator.
    • Sharp eyed tropers will see James Bond as a deck hand.
    • Pussy Galore lost her husband here.
    • Completing the triumvirate, we see Q telling some steerage passengers to bugger off.
  • History Marches On: Titanic is shown going down in one piece. Since the discovery of the wreck in 1985, it's generally accepted that the ship broke in two before it sank.
  • Throw It In: The ominous creaking noises the ship makes as it founders were actually made by the set as it was tilted into position.

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