Trivia: AKB0048

  • Dueling Shows: With the other idol show of the season, Love Live!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • No Export for You: The manga adaptations of the show has not been translated into English, in part because Heart-Gata Operation was serialized in Bessatsu Friend, a manga magazine distributors won't touch with a ten-foot-pole after a plagiarism controversy surrounding Eden No Hana. The other manga based on the show may have a slight chance of coming to the United States, as one of the other magazines serializing the show-based manga, Nakayoshi, has had many of it's titles released in the US.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Done a little oddly. When the characters are singing on their own or in a small group, the voice actresses provide their own singing. Yet during concerts, the songs we hear seem to be straight from the singles and stage albums. Gets particularly jarring in episode 21, where Yuuko is supposed to be singing the last, solo line in Heavy Rotation but the voice sounds nothing her voice actress's singing voice that we hear twice in the episode.
    • The English dub is similiar, with songs being in English when the characters are singing in a casual situation, but switches to back to Japanese for the concert parts.
  • Real-Life Relative: In the English dub, the sisters Kanata and Sonata are played by real life sisters Juliet and Genevieve Simmons.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Many of the dub voice actresses in this anime would also appear in the English dub of Girls und Panzer, a few months later.
    • For Hippo Team: Nagisa would become the co-leader of Hippo Team, Erwin. Sae Miyazawa the 10th would play her co-leader, Caesar, while Haruna "Kojiharu" Kojima the 8th is Oryou, the driver, and Yuko Oshima the 9th (Tiffany Terrell) is Saemonza, the gunner.
    • For Anglerfish Team: Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi the 6th would take command of Anglerfish Team as Miho Nishizumi, while Suzuko would play the team's gunner, Hana Isuzu, while Makoto (Molly Searcy) would go on to play the tired, sleepy, but smart driver of Anglerfish Team, Mako.
    • For Duck Team: Kanata Shinonome (Genevieve Simmons), the leader of the trainees, plays Duck Team's commander, Noriko Isobe. Her fellow Trainee, Mimori Kishida, plays Akebi Sasaki, the gunner. AKB0048 Successor Minami Takahashi the 5th is the driver, Shinobu Kawanishi.
    • For Rabbit Team: Tomomi "Tomochin" Itano the 11th (Allison Sumrall) commands Rabbit Team as Azusa Sawa. Yuka is the driver, Karina, while Sonata (Juliet Simmons) plays Aya Oono, one of the gunners for Rabbit Team.
    • Tsubasa Katagiri plays Tankery instructor Ami Chouno. She also doubles as Mallard Team's driver, Moyoko Gotou.
    • Megumi Wanaguchi (Meaghan Avocado) is Yuzu Koyama, the Student Council's Vice President and driver of Turtle Team (which consisted of the Student Council members).
    • Chieri Sono would later Saunders College High's Tankery team leader, Kei, while Orine Aida would play Arisa, Saunders' cheating third-in-command.