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Trivia: AKB48
  • Contractual Purity: They are explicitly forbidden in their contracts from having romantic relationships, which comes with being idols.
  • Hey, It's That Girl!:
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Yukari Sasaki, now a Team A member, provided both voice and body to Aimi Eguchi, and even perfomed on stage with prosthetics as "Aimi" in the Seibu Dome concert.
    • Yuko Oshima also provides the voice for Princess Merida in the Japanese dub of Brave.
  • Lying Creator: The case of Aimi Eguchi. Yasushi Akimoto, AKB48 producer, announced that he had found the ultimate AKB48 girl at NMB48's second generation audition, instantly adding her to AKB48 as 12.5th generation. Turn out, she was unreal.
  • One of Us: The entire concept of the group is "Idols you can meet" with the members reaching out to fans via stage performances and other fan events and projecting a relatable image to their younger female fans.
    • When you think about it, many of the members are Promoted Fangirls.
    • The new drafts system can also be seen as this.
  • Paying Their Dues: Although the group had been around for a few years, success didn't really come until they released "RIVER" making a slew of number one hits follow.
    • In addition, the Kenkyuseis have to work for months or even years to prove that they are worthy of being full-time members.
    • The group was on the verge of dissapearing until "Oogoe Diamond" came out, starring SKE48's fan favourite Jurina Matsui. The managers are so grateful to her that she's appeared on practically every cover song of the group's singles.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Yuki Kashiwagi auditioned for Morning Musume before joining AKB but was cut from the third round. Ultimately, things turned out for the better for her as captain of Team B but one can't help but wonder how she would have worked in Morning Musume...
    • Sumire Sato also auditioned for Morning Musume, but failed the audition.
    • Ayaka Umeda also auditioned in the Morning Musume Lucky 7 Audition and passed the first round.
    • In one shoujiki shougi segment on AKBINGO!, Minami Minegishi presents the statement "truthfully, you would rather be in Morning Musume" to Haruna Kojima. She fails the lie detector test.
    • Mayu Watanabe auditioned to be in AKB's 2nd generation but failed, missing out on being in Team K which has a completely different image from Team B.
    • Yui Yokoyama originally auditioned for SKE, but failed the audition. She tried again with AKB and passed.
  • The Wiki Rule: Wiki48. [1]

  • Since 2009, the group has been holding General Elections in which members of the public can vote for members to participate in a single-and it is not just limited to AKB members. Fans can also vote for girls from sister groups, making it one huge crossover. Since 2013, Graduates that were in AKB48 and sister groups for four years or more also qualify.
    • The girl who ranks first place gets to be the 'center' of the next single. Previous centers are Maeda Atsuko (2009, 2011), Yuko Oshima (2010, 2012) and HKT's Sashihara Rino (2013).
    • All members who are ranked are divided into four groups-the Senbatsu, Undergirls, Nextgirls and Futuregirls, with Senbatsu members being promoted the most.
  • The group also introduced the Janken Tournament in 2010, in which senbatsu members are decided by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, allowing girls who would normally never be in the limelight to be Ascended Extras.
    • Uchida Mayumi won the first tournament in 2010 and got to be the center in "Chance no Junban".
    • Next,Shinoda Mariko got "Ue Kara Mariko" in 2011.She graduated in 2013.
      • The winner was supposed to be the center of "Hashire Penguin", but as producer Yasushi Akimoto felt that the song did not suit Shinoda's personality, members of Team 4 got to sing the song instead.
    • 2012's winner was Shimazaki Haruka who headlined "Eien Pressure".
    • Jurina Matsui of AKB48's Team K and SKE 48's Team S will center the 4th Janken single.
    • Interestingly, Team K's Maeda Ami has managed to participate in the first three Janken singles but did not manage to enter the Sembatsu for the 4th Janken Single.
  • Fans can vote for their favorite songs in the annual Request Hour, which started in 2008. The top 100 songs from the entire AKB family (even the now-defunct SDN48)are then performed over a few days in a concert.
    • "Sakura no Hanabiratachi" won in 2008.
    • Team B's "Shonichi" took first place in 2009.
    • "Iiwake Maybe" won in 2010.
    • From 2011 to 2012, the winner was "Heavy Rotation".
    • "Hashire Penguin" placed first in 2013, beating out previous winner "Heavy Rotation" and "Ue Kara Mariko" where the song was a B-side.
  • The group preformed for the very first time at Tokyo Dome in August 2012, a dream which the group had been trying to achieve for years.
    • The distance from the group's theater in Akihabara to Tokyo Dome is 1830 meters, hence the title of their second original album "1830m".
  • Out of the entire first generation, only Takahashi Minami, Minami Minegishi and Haruna Kojima (All no3b members) remain.
  • Following the 2012 Tokyo Dome concert where it was announced that the teams were to be shuffled, all teams are currently performing "waiting stages" while new songs are being prepared for the next stages. These "waiting stages" are comprised of a mixture of songs from previous stages as well as from different teams, and also usually include a song from a single. They'll receive new stages on 2014, the first being Team K.
  • "Beginner" was the group's first single to sell a million copies.
  • Trainees were used to be called "AKB SEEDS" until 2009, when Team Kenkyuusei was created. Trainees have since been called Kenkyuusei (Research Students) and also have their own stages due to there being Loads and Loads of Characters.
  • Very few girls have remained in their original teams since their promotion to members and team shuffles. They are:
    • Team A: Takahashi Minami and Morikawa Ayaka.
    • Team K: Uchida Mayumi and Jurina Matsui (also an SKE member).
    • Team B: Yuki Kashiwagi and Natori Wakana
    • Team 4: Iwatate Saho, Okada Ayaka, Okada Nana, Kitazawa Saki, Shinozaki Ayana, Takashima Yurina, Nishino Miki, Maeda Mitsuki, Murayama Yuiri and Mogi Shinobu
  • The term "Zenza Girls" refers to trainees who perform a song before the start of the A6, K6 and B5 stages, with each stage having a different song.
  • Team B member Iwasa Misaki described the three main AKB teams as: idol-like (Team A), cool and sporty (Team K) and cutesy (Team B). Team 4 is used for promoting many trainees at once.

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