Time Lord / Web Animation

Bubs is a Timelord...

...and his concession stand is his TARDIS (how many concession stands have you seen with elevators?). Also, he is the original Bubs: The "other" original Bubs and onion Bubs are prior regenerations.
  • Not to mention that Strongbad claims that Bubs concession stand fell out of the sky- sounds like a Tardis to me.

Homsar is a Dalek.

Like Dalek Caan, he tried to break the Time Lock on the Time War, and went insane. He painted his shell and glued feet onto the bottom, but doesn't really need them (note how often he hovers, as Daleks do).

The Cheat is a Time Lord.

This explains why he is always called "The Cheat" even in context like "Awesome! My very own a The Cheat!". His TARDIS is the King of Town's grill, explaning how Strong Sad can fit in it. His incarnations are The Sneak, Ilko Skevüld, current incarnation, and Cheatball.

Sarge is a Time Lord.

Firstly, I apologize. Still, there's a better case for him than most people the label is applied to. I mean, only refered to by a label, mechanical brilliance combined with... eccentricity, comes back from the dead, companions (Lopez, Simmons), and an impressive amount of knowledge of chronal shennanigans. I mean, the man figured out about a bomb destroying the present. If that isn't insider knowledge, what is?
  • I was totally waiting for this, there must be a factor of how long a WMG page can last without a Time Lord guess. I tend to think that Sarge more often stumbles onto the right answer than not (or is totally wrong; see the Just Bugs Me page and the guess a few up for what Tropers are speculating about the time travel), but it could be Obfuscating Stupidity, and even Time Lords can be wrong sometimes.