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Tearjerker: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
  • "Santy Clause, why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?"
  • The song "Where Are You Christmas" is a combo of heartwarming and tearjerking. Little Cindy Lou sings about her Yuletide doubts. They don't get some grown-up to do it as a background song, either - that's Taylor Momsen. She looks at her small stocking, and a list saying "Dear Santa, I don't know what to ask for this Christmas." She looks at Mount Crumpet far away. And with the last few notes of the song, we see the Grinch entering his lair, all alone. Tell me that at some point that didn't twang your emotional strings.
  • The Grinch's Dark and Troubled Past anyone?
    • After he's had his Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the schoolkids, him struggling to climb up the mountain while uttering how much he hates Christmas, coupled with the soundtrack, is nothing short of heartbreaking.
    • The look on young Martha's face when she picks up the Grinch's broken present.
  • The Grinch has just had the best day of his life, judging eating contests, winning the nog-off, winning the award of Holiday Cheermeister, and winning the sack race. Until Jerk Ass Mayor May-Who screws it up and gives him a razor to remind him of his Dark and Troubled Past.
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