Tearjerker / How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

The book and TV special:

  • "Santy Clause, why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?"

The movie:

  • The song "Where Are You Christmas" is a combo of heartwarming and tearjerking. Little Cindy Lou sings about her Yuletide doubts. They don't get some grown-up to do it as a background song, either - that's Taylor Momsen. She looks at her small stocking, and a list saying "Dear Santa, I don't know what to ask for this Christmas." She looks at Mount Crumpit far away. And with the last few notes of the song, we see the Grinch entering his lair, all alone. Tell me that at some point that didn't twang your emotional strings. The lyrics can especially hit home for older viewers — with Christmas not being the same as it was when they were kids and missing it.
  • The Grinch's Dark and Troubled Past anyone?
    • For the first time in his life, the Grinch was excited about Christmas. He made his own gift for Martha (Sure, he made it from stuff he broke, but it's the thought that counts), and even the old ladies who looked after him told Cindy Lou how nice it was to see him truly in the Christmas spirit. All he wanted was to look nice when he gave Martha his present...
    • The final moments of the flashback wherein the little Grinch struggles to climb away up the enormous snowy mountain, screaming to himself about how he hates Christmas, before eventually standing alone on the mountain. None of this is helped by James Horner's weeping score.
      • Especially since, if you listen carefully as the flashback ends, you can actually hear the Grinch crying.
    • The look on young Martha's face when she picks up the Grinch's broken present.
      Martha, narrating: It was a horrible day, when they were so cruel to him...I could hardly bear it.
    • The Grinch's true Start of Darkness: after many failed efforts to hide his shaving cuts, everyone but Martha in the schoolroom—including the teacher!—start laughing at him. Finally, he just completely snaps.
      Grinch: Stupid present! Stupid tree! I! HATE! CHRISTMAS!
  • The Grinch has just had the best day of his life, judging eating contests, winning the nog-off, winning the award of Holiday Cheermeister, and winning the sack race. It's not perfect but he's cheering up and joining in. Then Jerkass Mayor May-Who spoils the day - twice. First he gives the Grinch an electric razor to joke about his childhood, then he proposes to Martha in front of him. Naturally, the Grinch loses it and goes to ruin the Whobilation, partly by using the razor to make May-Who "FABULOOOUUS!".
  • From the extended version, Martha and Betty are seen competing in the lighting contest. When Betty lights up a spectacular display of Christmas lights, the judges are very impressed and write her name down as the winner, which would finally make Betty's dream of having the best Christmas light display in Whoville and beating Martha come true. But Mayor Maywho plays favorites and, trying to butter up Martha for the later marriage proposal, claims that it's a "split-decision" and declares Martha the winner, leaving Betty feeling disappointed and crushed, and showing just how corrupt the mayor is.