Tear Jerker / Yeasayer

  • "Don't Come Close", a song made for Grand Theft Auto V that plays on Radio Mirror Park, is really heartbreaking, thanks to it's lyrics & rhythm. It's also the theme for Ending A, where Franklin & Michael kill Trevor.
  • "Madder Red". Its sentimentality makes it tragic yet at the same time sweet.
    • Never gave a thought to an honorable living / always had sense enough to lie / it's getting hard to keep pretending / I'm worth your time.
    • The video embodies its somber feeling. The horrifically cute Eldritch Abomination in the video comes down with an illness (maybe). Its owner rushes it to the hospital, but the doctors cannot save it in time. The owner is heartbroken, and while she takes the corpse of her beloved "pet" home, she sees the creature up in the clouds, sleeping peacefully.
  • "O.N.E.", despite its upbeat and peppy rhythm, is actually (sort of) about a breakup.
    You don't move me anymore
    And I'm glad that you don't
    Cuz I can't have you anymore
    • Takes a slightly more heartwarming turn when you realize it's also about a man recovering from alcoholism.