Tear Jerker / TRON: Legacy

  • Sam and Kevin's awkward reunion can hit home for parents who are out of touch with their kids, or vice versa.
    Sam: Dad?
    Kevin: Sam.
    Sam: Long time.
  • It's brief but, Kevin's understandable reaction upon realizing who it really is that's chasing them
    Kevin: Tron, what have you become?
  • "I fight for the Users."
  • The flashback where Kevin Flynn sees the genocide of the ISO programs and realizes that there's nothing he could do to stop it.
    • Then we get another flashback the explains what happened to Tron.
  • In Fridge terms, the scene where Kevin reveals to his son that Quorra is the last ISO and all of Kevin's efforts to disguise her as a regular program. The scene when she tells Sam how she escaped the genocide only makes it worse.
  • "Goodbye, kiddo."
    • The music after they escape from the grid will gut you, otherwise you have no soul.
  • This music video will surely jerk tears, albeit from the sheer amount of heartwarming this film has.
  • This conversation from one of the trailers.
    Sam: Alan, you're acting like I'm going to find him sittin' at work, just, "Hey, kiddo, lost track of time."
    Alan: (wistfully) Wouldn't that be something.
  • It's so sad to hear the formerly energetic and cool Kevin Flynn wearily say "Life has a way of moving you past wants and hopes".
  • Despite everything he does, Clu is a tragic character. Everything he does, it's because he was programmed to do it that way (with an astonishing lack of foresight) by a young Kevin. In the end, when Kevin confronts him, he completely breaks down because he cannot accept something he wasn't created to understand in the first place.