Tear Jerker / Total Drama Stranded

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With morality as gray as it is in this story, there's bound to be a few sad moments.

  • Matilda and Jojo being separated after she's eliminated. Even if Jojo can be a jerk, you still feel pretty bad for him because he genuinely felt crushed by this. Made worse when in the next episode Keith manipulates Jojo's sadness to cause him to accidentally injure himself and everyone votes for him out of sympathy.
  • Ilona's backstory. Her own parents kicked her out when she made a few bad decisions, leaving her no one but herself to help her. It's a wonder she's as nice as she is.
  • Watching Briony feel helpless as Calvin and his posse mercilessly bully her so that she'll snap is heartbreaking to read. The worst part is, she does.
  • Though it's debatable whether she handled it correctly, Chelsea really felt betrayed by her close friend Matilda. Not only does she lose the guy she had a crush on, she lost him to her best friend. That had to really hurt, as anyone who's ever been in that situation can attest to. It also serves as one for Matilda to, as she didn't mean for it to happen and she seem so confused and helpless as to why her best friend is angry at her and she just wants to resolve everything.
  • The Masked Boy's backstory once it's revealed. Pamela's backstory even more so.