Tear Jerker / Through The Eyes Of Another Pony

WARNING: Unmarked spoilers may lie ahead.

  • Firewall's emotional breakdown after Nightmare possesses Celestia can be rather tearjerking, at least until Luna steps in to comfort him.
  • Even if he doesn't show it, you can tell Firewall's getting really stressed and upset over these events, but he has to keep them bottled up to avoid ruining their plans.
  • When watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders run around and seeing one of them hurt themself and start crying, Firewall nearly cries himself. As he puts it later on in a similar moment with Trixie on the carriage, he just can't stand seeing others cry.
    • And during the carriage moment, the fact that the others are actually berating Firewall for being emotional. For at least a minute, they all came off as a group of Jerkasses.
  • Around the campfire in Appleoosa, Storm Wing at first looks like he's going to just blindly follow Celestia's orders, even if he believes otherwise. However, Firewall silently prompts him to object...which leads to Celestia getting mad at Storm Wing. And forcing him to abandon his job as a Sky Archon and give duty back to Winter Sky.
    • To be fair, though, Celestia had wanted to do this for quite a while, and this was just a good opportunity to do it.
  • The end of Chapter 14.