Funny: Through The Eyes Of Another Pony

  • The scene in Appleoosa where the CMC chase Firewall around.
    CMC: Cutiemark Crusaders Princess Defenders, YAY!
  • "Ah, I suppose this had to be done eventually. Storm Wing, Firewall, you're both grounded, go to your rooms."
  • Firewall meets Prince Blue Blood and performs his civic duty as a brony.
    • Reactions of the prereaders and author:
    Ice: please send help
    WierdPlatformer: oh dear god
    Kris/KFJ: Dear lord, preserve my soul in this dark, dark time. Amen.
    CardsLafter: I winced as I wrote that one out.
  • Most of chapter one, where Firewall does many a Double Take and Face Hoof.
  • Firewall's reaction to seeing Trixie is to glomp her and beg for her autograph. WHILE SHE'S DECLARING WAR ON EQUESTRIA.
    • And earlier, when Twilight was writing out a friendship report, Firewall insisted on being allowed to keep a copy.
      • Hell, anytime Firewall's broniness comes through is hilarious.
  • Anytime Firewall gets into Snark-to-Snark Combat with Luna or Storm Wing. And it happens a lot.
    • Or with the voice in his head. Yes, even a guiding voice that is actually Storm Wing's father, who has been sealed away for a thousand years can be sarcastic.
  • Luna constantly insisting that she would rather be simply called Luna instead of Princess Luna. Naturally, some ponies don't pick up the habit right away. Storm Wing included.
  • When Firewall walks back into Appleoosa, he completely forgets his Burning with Anger field is still up, and is wondering why everypony is staring at him.
  • The constant blind jokes Firewall makes at Storm Wing's expense blur the line between this and Dude, Not Funny!.
    • Firewall, naturally, lampshades this:
    I think making these jokes makes me a bad person. I think I'm okay with this.
  • Firewall and Luna make a bet on who would win in a race: Rainbow Dash or Storm Wing, their bets placed respectively. If Rainbow wins, Firewall gets to tape a Trollface over Luna's cutie mark. If Storm Wing wins, Luna gets to dye Firewall's mane and tail pink. Even though Rainbow wins, both of these happen anyway.
  • Firewall's reaction to a spider. And how he constantly refers to it as evil, demonic, etc.
    • Pinkie Pie putting the spider on her face and chasing Firewall with it doubles the hilarity.
  • Nightmare Firewall's over-the-top personality.
  • Luna deciding to make the night sky a bit more colorful, by adding Nyan Cat.
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