Heartwarming: Through The Eyes Of Another Pony

  • The scene with Firewall and the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Appleloosa.
  • After Firewall's Not So Stoic breakdown after Nightmare takes control of Celestia, Luna comforts him.
  • The fact that Storm Wing is willing to attack Firewall because he thinks he hurt Luna tells a lot about the relationship between Storm and Luna.
  • When Luna asks Twilight to power her up with unicorn magic, Firewall and Rarity step up without any hesitation whatsoever to help out.
  • Firewall learning that, apparently, Storm Wing views him as a great friend. Even if it borders more on a Type 2 Vitriolic Best Buds relationship.
  • Fluttershy and Storm Wing DATING! *squee*
  • When Firewall winds up seriously hurt in Chapter 14, Storm Wing's unprecedented display of concern, fear, and anger at his attacker is strangely touching.
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